Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Muzhai Keerai Masial - Amaranath leaves

This is a very simple and common dish in Yarlpanam.


Muzhai Keerai bundle 2
Green chillies 4
Onion medium 1
Salt to taste
Milk ½ cup
Lime juice 2 tablespoons


Remove the good leaves from the Keerai bundle, leaving the old and damaged leaves, stalk and flowers.

Wash all the leaves thus collected in water well.

Roughly chop the leaves into large portions.

Dice onion into small pieces.

Cut green chillies lengthwise into two.

In a pot place the cut eaves, chopped onion and green chillies, salt to taste and add little water and bring to boil.

When water is boiling, reduce heat and gently simmer and make sure the leaves are cooked and water has evaporated.

With a potato masher, gently mash the leaves into a paste.

Now add the milk and simmer until all the liquid has been absorbed.

Remove from fire.

Add lime juice and stir, Lime juice contains vitamin C which helps absorption of the iron which these leaves are rich in.