Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Cakes - An Introduction


 Cakes were not in fashion in Yarlpanam mainly for two reasons:

1. There were no ovens available to bake this item

2. In Yarlpanam there were too many home made sweet dishes and snacks so much so people were not interested in anything else.

In later years the influence of Christians brought the cake into the scene. This then was impaired by the absence of the oven, traditionally people cooked in firewood stoves. So the only way to bake the cake was to give the prepared cake mix to a bakery and have it baked for a small fee. Or else buy a cake if available commercially.

In much later days kerosene cookers appeared and people started to use them and then came small ovens that can be used with these kerosene cookers. Although this was a bit cumbersome it was useful and people started to use them.

Now of course very many people are making cakes and this is in fashion these days. So we give you some popular cakes in Jaffna just for completeness of this site.