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Palmyrah Fruit Pulp Recipes


The mature Palmyrah fruit is tossed over a low burning fire or embers to cook them mildly and the skin is peeled off to expose the juicy fruit. This then is squeezed and the juice is removed. The juice itself is creamy and sweet and delicious to eat on its own. The squeezed juice is collected and the following items are made from it.





A kind of toffee made from the pulp of the Palmyrah fruit. , You need fresh fruit pulp and real hot sun to dry this toffee. It is difficult to get fresh pulp unless you live in the local area where the palmyrah grows and during the fruiting season. I now understand Bottled pulp is available in Sri Lanka. We need very hot sun light to dry this pulp after preparing. This Pinaddu is now available from Sri Lankan shops in the West. There are plain pinaddu and with spices like pepper etc.

The fresh juice obtained by squeezing the cooked fruit is spread over a mat made of palmyrah leaf and allowed to dry in the sun daily until it becomes like toffee. This then is cut into pieces. Some people add ground pepper or other spices and they taste different.

Panangai Paniyaram



                                 Panangai Paniyaram


Plain Flour 3 cups
Palmyrah Fruit Pulp (Thick) 1 ½ cup
Sugar 1 ½ cup
Coconut milk ½ cup
Baking powder ½ teaspoons
Salt to taste


First steam the plain flour, allow it to cool. Crush and sieve.

Strain the Palmyrah pulp to remove any fibbers.

In a large vessel, mix the flour, palmyrah pulp, salt, coconut milk and baking powder into a mixture of fairly thick consistency. The mixture should drop off a spoon without sticking.

In a frying pan heat the oil and when hot drop spoonful of barter and deep fry until golden.

You can drop many such balls at a time.

Drain into an absorbent paper in a dish.

Serve when cool. - Delicious to eat.