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Visitors Articles

Dear Visitors,

This page is reserved for your articles. You can contribute articles, photographs and other information on similar lines that are published in this site.

The articles to be submitted will have to be authorised by the editors and shall conform to the following guidelines:

1) The articles will be contributed voluntarily and not expecting any remuneration whatsoever.
2) The articles and any information therein are original material and had not been published anywhere else before.
3) The articles should be on similar lines of other articles in this site.
4) They do not infringe on any copyrights.
5) They are not malicious and defamatory.
6) They are non political and non religious matters.
7) They are informative and descriptive.
8) They are of independent views and must be original ideas.

Please write to the Administrator a short description of the article and wait for the response. Please send your request via ;Contact us' page. Every request will be replied and if accepted for publishing you will receive instructions on how to send the article. If the article is accepted for publication, it will be published at the next update of the site and you will be notified.