Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Vadakam – வடகம்



This is another delicacy eaten in Yarlpanam homes with main meals of rice and curry. They go along with fried salted dry chillies, moor Mulagai and appalam. They are made when margosa tree is flowering as these are the main ingredients for vadakam.


Margosa flower dried 250 grams
Black gram dhal 100 grams
Dry red Chillies 5 in number
Cumin seeds 0ne teaspoon
Salt as necessary


Soak black gram dhal in water for about 4 hours and wash and grind to coarse paste.

Grind red chillies and cumin seeds to a powder.

In a bowl put the ground black gram paste, chillie cumin powder, salt and margosa flower and mix well into a paste.

Take a small amount of this mixture and make it into a ball and flatten to a small disc not more than 8mm thick.

These discs should be dried in the sun until they are well dried and humid free. They are stored in airtight containers or glass jars until use.

These are deep fried in boiling oil with medium heat in a pot. Place few vadakams as needed and gently turn until they turn dark brown and crispy. Do not overcook. These normally cook very quickly.