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Thavasi Murungai leaves Varai


Thavasi Murungai leaves and Murungai leaves are both very similar in preparation and almost similar in taste. Drumstick leaves varai has been described under Drumstick category.

Thavasi Murungai leaves300 grams
Onion 1 medium
Dry chillies 3
Coconut scarped ½ cup


If you have got the leaves with stalks, shake each stalk holding with two fingers so that the older leaves will drop off. Discard those that drop off.

Remove the good leaves from the stalk and discard the stalks.

The leaves should be young and clean and should not have any stalks.

Wash the leaves well in water.

Collect a handful at a time and roughly cut into small pieces.

In a hot pan add oil and fry the onions and cut dry chillies until onion softens.

Add the chopped leaves, salt, ½ cup water and cover and cook in low heat occasionally stir the mixture.

When the leaves are cooked and the water has been absorbed, add the coconut scrapings and stir well.

Keep stirring until mixture is golden or roasted in texture.

Stir all the time in order to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan.