Sunday, May 19, 2024

Fish curry


                     Fish Curry                    

If you bought a whole fish, remove scales, fins, gut and wash the fish. Wash the head thoroughly. Cut fish into one inch thick slices and set aside. You can request the fish monger to do this for you. However wash the pieces well.


Fish 500 Gms - Tuna, salmon, Mullet or any fish.
Onions 2 medium
Curry powder 2 tablespoons - not roasted
Garlic 4 clove
Green chillies 4
Tamarind paste ½ teaspoons
Coconut milk 2 cups
Salt to taste


Dice onions and cut green chillies into two lengthwise. Chop garlic into tiny pieces.

In a pan, put the fish pieces, diced onions, cut green chillies, chopped garlic cloves and curry powder and add one cup water.

Cook on low heat for about 5 minutes when garlic becomes soft.

Dissolve the tamarind paste in 1 cup water and add this to the dish and gently shake the pot in order to mix the contents in the pot. Do not use a spoon to stir.

Now add the coconut milk and shake the pot and let it cook on low fire.

Simmer on low fire until gravy thickens to your taste.

Gently shake the pan occasionally.

Serve with: Rice dishes or pittu etc