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Mutton Rolls



                                     Mutton Rolls

A short eat, snack and an appetizer this is delicious to eat. The origin of this dish is not from Jaffna.


Plain flour 250 Gms
Eggs 2
Milk 2 cups and 1 cup water mixture
Lamb or mutton 200 g - boneless
Onions 2 medium
Fennel seeds 1 teaspoon
Curry powder 1 tablespoons
Curry leaves 10
Potato 100Gms
Bread crumbs100Gms
Eggs 2 additional
Oil for frying


This recipe has three parts - pancakes, filling and rolls

To make the filling:

Peel and wash potato, cut into pieces and boil them in water until well cooked.

Drain and mash them coarsely and set aside.

Wash and cut mutton into very small pieces.

Dice onions.

Dry roast fennel seeds in little oil until golden and add diced onions and curry leaves and fry further until onions are golden.

Add the cut meat and curry powder, salt, stir and cover the dish and cook in low heat.

Occasionally stir and check adding little water if necessary.

When the meat is cooked, add the mash potato and stir well.

Remove from fire when done keep aside.

Make the pancakes:

Sift the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl with a sieve.

Now break the eggs into it and begin whisking them.

Gradually add the milk and water mixture little by little and keep whisking until the lumps have disappeared and the batter is smooth, with the consistency of thin cream.

Make the rolls:

In a hot pan, spread some oil thinly and spread pancake mix, spread to 15 cm diameter thin crepe and cook on one side only in low heat, do not turn over.

This takes approximately 30 seconds.

Remove and spread this pancake on the chopping board or a plate while it is warm and place the cooked side down.

Place some curry filling at one end (about 2 tablespoon) and fold both ends towards the centre. Then start rolling to about 8 cm long and 3-4 cm diameter rolls.

This must be done while the pancake is still warm.

If the end does not stick, use thin mixture of flour and water or beaten egg white as glue.

Make more rolls and place them on a board.

Make a batter with flour and water and pinch of salt to a thin consistency.

Now dip each roll in this batter and cover with bread crumbs well.

Deep fry in very hot oil until the bread crumbs turn golden.

Remove from fire, drain and stack.

Some people use beaten eggs instead of batter to coat the rolls.

Serve with some chilli sauce or tomato ketchup.